Jimin’s Face Album: Release Date, Tracklist, Music Video

Jimin’s solo era has begun in full force. On March 14, Big Hit released a teaser video for Jimin’s pre-release track “Face” “Set Me Free Pt.2”. The 30 second clip shows Jimin wearing a black leather jacket walking through a group of dancers in the middle of what fans think looks like a freak show . they are under surveillance). The background music teases the single with a heavy drum beat and ends with Jimin singing “Set Me Free” in his signature falsetto.

Fans’ year-long wait for news of Jimin’s solo album came to an end on February 21st when Big Hit revealed Jimin’s album title via weverse statement, and since then the flow of information about the album has not stopped. On February 23, Big Hit revealed the album’s track listing, including which songs will be Jimin’s singles (even teasing the English version of his main single). Moments after the release of the tracklist, the company also shared a short film that gives a glimpse into Jimin’s creative process and a sneak peek at the music on ‘Face’. Then on March 7, Big Hit shared Jimin’s first mood photo promoting the album, followed by three different concept images on March 9 and another set of angel images the next day.

All this Jimin album news is a major change of pace for fans. Jimin kept most of his solo plans under wraps until February, except for letting fans know he’s “working” on it for repeatedly and releases “Vibe”, a collaboration with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Jimin first talked about what it was like to self-record an album in an interview in January 2022. West Korea. “So many things are different,” he said. “Because I work alone, it forces me to think a lot, which slows down the results. When I work with participants, we talk about many things and get them clear quickly. I think the problem is that this is my first time doing this. This is my first time working on an album like this. “Can it be released like this?” I have a lot of similar thoughts that make me want to change and redo more.”

In addition to all the information officially released by Big Hit, Korean media outlets are reporting that Jimin has some exciting performances planned. Meanwhile, he’s been teased that he’s working with some big-name producers, while J-Hope may have talked about a possible collaboration with Justin Bieber on the job.

Ahead, read everything you need to know about Jimin’s Face album, including the release date, track listing, concept, title meaning, and more.

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